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We educate and translate ground-breaking research on religion, culture, myth, and art into accessible, livable, and relatable content while being firmly rooted in academic rigor and critical perspectives. Our team raises awareness through publishing scholarly and popular articles, delivering online courses with partners, and designing customized trainings and webinars for groups and organizations.


The GRC team comprises researchers and educators with deep and wide-ranging experience. We offer development and delivery of high quality basic and advanced teaching courses in universities and colleges. As part of our educational outreach, we are developing a line of specialized courses on symbols & myths in popular culture, gender & religion, interreligious communications in your community, and on global culture. GRC also delivers tailored trainings for organizations in socio-cultural and religious fields, including interreligious and intercultural dialogue


Decolonizing and Historicising Museum Space: The McMichael Canadian Art Collection

In cooperation with the McMichael Exhibition Manager Brittney Sproule and Dr. Ariff Kachra from the Seneca College Case Development Centre, Dr. Tatiana Tiaynen-Qadir developed a case, an innovative learning tool that features the McMichael Canadian Art Collection. The McMichael with its unique histories around the collection of The Group of Seven and Tom Thomson, Indigenous and contemporary art constitutes “home to the art of Canada”. The case provides an academically rigorous yet lively space to discuss and teach around such relevant themes as colonization and decolonization, nationalism and multiculturalism, as well as political, social and archetypal aspects of art.

Image: Tom Thomson (1877 – 1917), Byng Inlet, Georgian Bay, 1914-1915, oil on canvas, 71.5 x 76.3 cm, Purchased with the Assistance of Donors and Wintario

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Deep Culture Gallery

We worked with educator, researcher and GRC partner Dr. Essi Ikonen, of the Church Training College in Finland, to develop a Deep Culture Gallery, an interactive web gallery and teaching tool around the multifaceted symbolism of the bird across time and space. The gallery invites viewers to explore the images and stories of famed birds in different cultural and religious contexts.

Education: Programs

Select courses and trainings

Symbols that move us — Basic academic (Offered in Tampere University, Finland, 2018)
The world & I: Religion in world society — Advanced academic (Offered in Tampere University, Finland, 2016, 2017)
Intercultural dialogue — Public and professional
Transnational anthropology — Basic academic (Offered in Fatimah Jinnah Women’s University, Pakistan, 2017)
Islam and the West — Popular (Offered annually at Centre for International Management & Intercultural Communication, Belgium, 2005-2015)
Making sense of globalization – Basic academic (Offered at Tampere University, Finland, 2015-2021)
Critical Islam – Advanced academic 
Cultural Studies – Basic academic (Offered at National College of Arts, Pakistan, 1995-2010)
World History – Basic academic (Offered at Seneca College, Canada, 2019; and Petrozavodsk State University, Russia, 2005-2007)
Socio-cultural development – Professional (Offered variously in Pakistan)

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